Host of the Power Kids Show on Power 101.7FM!

PERSONAL DATA Surname: Boekhoudt

Given names: Julisa Mariela

Date of birth: January 17, 1985

Place of birth: Aruba

Nationality: Dutch

Gender: Female

Civil status: Single


Kids Radio Show 2005 to present

Den cas cu Sinterklaas TV Show 2011 - 2013

Mi dushi Aruba TV Show 2012 – 2014

Kids Christmas Song Festival 2013 to present

Festival di canto pa scolnan preparatorio 2015

I started at a very young age in radio broadcasting, exactly with 7 years old I started as a conductor for the famous Children radio program “Fantasilandia. At that time the program was under conduccion of Mrs. Elsa Westerburger, Miriam Kock and Emily Hudson. After a year on the air the producers decided to change the name and it became know as “Nos Muchanan”. Mrs. Martha Figaroa came aboard and the presenters were then Marc Benson Denz, Jacilyn Boekhoudt (my sister), Analia Rasmijn, Edjean Semeleer and myself, Julisa Boekhoudt. The program was on the air for a very long time and consecuently all the presenters grew older and some of them stopped. Myself and Miriam Kock Salazar and Martha Figaroa continue for some time but in the year 2005 I made the step lo bring my own children program on air and I called it “KIDS”. As I said in 2005 we started and in the year 2010 we celebrated 5 year anniversary all out. We participaded in the Children Carnival Queen election and it was one of my presenters, Isalys Geerman who took thre crown and the title of Children Carnival Queen of 2010 for my program “Kids”.

In April 2010 I went a step upwards and debuted on television, Kids TV, wich was supported by UNOCA. Kids TV was on both local channels, Telearuba and ATV. We didn’t stop there either, because we continued with various children programs and as part of the celebration of our national day, during 3 years in a row I did a show in the month of March called “Mi Dushi Aruba”. Sure we continued producing children programs and we brought our own Sinterklaas program called “Den Cas cu Sinterklaas” with the superstar cast of Piet Palo di Luz, Piet Chuppies, Piet Smiley, Piet Glu Glu Tak. KIDS continued active on different fields, for example the period of “Kinderboeken Week, Internatioal Children’s Day and Eastern”, were we organized activities for our children.

In the month of November 2013 KIDS came with the iniciative to organize a Children Song Festival wich has the name “KIDS Christmas Song Festival”. A song festival of Christmas songs in our local language Papiamento. It has 3 division: 04-07 years, 08-12 years and 13-17 years old. Since 2013 we are organizing this song festival and all the years we have to close the inscripcion early because of to much participants. Every year we have close the list at 25 participants and what it makes the song festival more great is that we have a life band company all the singers. This band y directed by Mr. Danny Koolman and its called “Danny’s All Star Band”. We have celebrated 4 years of this Christmas song festival.

Last year, 2015 KIDS celebrated 10 years on the air. For me it’s a dream comea true. But this wasn’t easy to maintain a children program on the air this long, cause some business do not believe in children activities as for to sponsor them. And without sponsorship its imposible to organize these activities. I sat down a started brainstorm over what activity I could organize to celebrate KIDS 10 year anniversary on the air. As I was a Producer working for the local TV Station “Telearuba” producing shows like “Sparkling Tour, Mente Inteligente etc., and as part of the organizing committee for the Children Song Festival “Voz-I-Landia”, my mind went to organize a song festival for children atenting Pre School. This because for this year group there is not much activities, as to say non at all. I made a business plan and from there was born the !st Song Festival for Children attending Pre School in our native language, Papiamento. It was one hell of job to meet with every school director and representatives and to get participants, help them choose songs in Papiamento, trainings and the work and expenses for such a major activity to celebrate KIDS 10 year anniversary. With great pride I can say the activity broke all expectations and it was held in the Aruba Entertainment Center wich was full full. As a present back to the participating school, we had cash prizes for use to buy school material for the winners. We are extremely happy for all the activities we organized for Aruba’s Children. My program achieved a lot of great proyects through those 10 years of existence and the organization, UNOCA surely always was a big part of the achievements.

I have a great relation with all the school on Aruba, whether Pre School as of Primery Schools. Besides this I’m a Scouts Leader with more tha 14 years experience and I’m participating with my Scout Cubs in various international activities such as Cuboree, Caribbean Jamboree, etc., etc., Out proyects have the primary goal to educate and entertain our children and that’s why from 2005 our motho is: “Kids, To Entertain and Educate Our Children”.

To finalize this year I was ask by the “Comision Celebracion Dianan Nacional” ta organize, enconexion of the celebration of 30 years Status Aparte and 40 years di Nos Bandera, a draw and culouring contest. I was the Proyect Coordinator and this contest was for all the Primary School in Aruba. This contest was to indulge love and pride for our island under our children and also teach them the important national dates of our nation. It was running for a whole month and was to bring concietization under our children and it had 33 school participate. It was such a nice proyect with and even greater result in creativity from our children.

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